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Hey guys!! I’m back with a new fashion idea for you all.

Velvet is the luxury fabric that we just can’t get over!

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Velvet is this season’s go-to fabric choice, as it takes basic to chic .

It gives you a very Royal and classy look. It gives you a different look which helps you to stand out of the crowd and be confident!
Velvet fabric is very soft and comfortable but at the same time, it needs extra care than any other fabric.
It gives you a glamorous look for which many women crave for and makes you look hot automatically as soon as you put on velvet dresses.
It also helps you to carry yourself with pride to a party or a get together!!!
I’m so much in love with these sexy outfits.
As a fashion blogger, it’s a suggestion that every women must have at least a pair of velvet dresses in their wardrobe…

You can wear it for a party or a casual look both. I’m sure if you will wear velvet dresses to anywhere, you will definitely own the place.
Keep yourself updated about the latest fashion trends and styles @nikitaslifestyleblog.wordpress.com.
Thanks for reading!!!


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